Labourer – Operator/Installer

By | June 12, 2019

The labourer will perform physical labour both indoors and outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. This position requires prolonged bending, lifting, pulling, pushing, walking, guiding, and kneeling. They must follow direction from the Foreman on site and abide by safety rules and regulations. This individual must be able to work in a team environment. This applies to all temporary, part-time, and full-time labourer employees.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Carry product, equipment, and supplies from exterior of building to interior of building.
• Load equipment into trailers and/or into site locations.
• Pull, push, walk, stand, bend, squat, pour, and kneel during various activities.
• Operate stand-up grinders. Walk behind them guiding them as they move forward.
• Operate vacuums, burnisher machine, walk-behind scrubber, ride on scrubber, shot blasters, and other equipment as required.
• Fill pails by taking from 5-gallon buckets and putting into smaller 3- or 1-gallon buckets.
• Occasionally apply epoxy coatings using a hand brush, squeegee, or roller.
• Cover product with plastic and move plastic as required.
• Monitor all plastic covered products to ensure nothing has shifted resulting in damaged product.
• Sweep floors, pick up garbage, keep work area clean.
• Move vacuum hoses and power cords around to ensure safe working environment.
• Other general tasks as requested.

Education and Experience
• High school diploma, vocational school diploma, or equivalent
• 1-year of work experience in a related field
• Valid driver’s license

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Ability to participate in continuous improvement processes
• Good observation skills
• Able to follow safe procedures and follow instruction from Foreman
• Strong attention to detail
• Excellent time management skills
• Able to multi-task and establish priorities
• Exhibit initiative, responsibility, flexibility, and leadership
• Moderate physical strength and stamina
• Able to work independently in a busy environment
• Able to get along with co-workers and customers at various locations
• Able to work well under pressure
• Enjoy physical labour in both indoor and outdoor elements

Work Conditions
• Day, afternoon, night shifts, or on-call availability, which vary week to week.
• Hours vary per work day
• Overtime as required
• Travel to the site and off-site locations
• Safety equipment is required. E.g.; steel toed boots, safety glasses/goggles, etc.
• Physical ability to lift up to 75 lbs.
• Hazards associated with the trade
• Noisy with fumes
• Prolonged standing, walking, lifting, squatting, and bending
• Work both indoors and outdoors
• May perform work in adverse weather conditions, including heat, cold, and inclement weather

Core Competencies
• Customer focus
• Communication
• Energy and stress
• Team work
• Quality orientation
• Problem solving
• Accountability and dependability
• Operating equipment
• Ethics and integrity