Tower Painter

Company: Tower Power Group Painting Co. Ltd.

Doing business as Tower Power Group
Eastern Canada: 110 Celebration Drive, Fall River (Halifax), Nova Scotia, B2T 1T8
Western Canada: 15078 67 Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 9G9

Job Title

Tower Painter

NOC: 7294 (Painters and Decorators)

Wage: Starting at $42 per hour (40 hours per week) – permanent/full-time Location(s) of work:
Throughout British Columbia (Pacific/Western Canada), Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada)

Number of Positions: Ten (10)

Required Language Skills: English (spoken and written)

Key Responsibilities:
• Painting of energized / high voltage electrical transmission towers + sub stations;
• Applying paint with the use of mitts, brushes and/or roller;
• Wearing and using your PPE (personal protective equipment);
• Climbing and painting using 100% tie off fall protection; and
• Following company corporate health & safety rules and procedures.
Required Skills:
• Possess 1-2 years of proven work experience in painting live circuit high voltage electrical transmission towers
• Possess a minimum 2000 hours of painting experience working directly in the energized zone of steel lattice electrical towers and be accredited by the coating supplier for the application of the specified paint.
• Possess an ability to work outdoors at heights up to 300ft;
• Possess an ability to travel via helicopter and ATV from site to site;
• Possess an ability to work weekends upon request;
• Possess an ability to pay attention to detail and to provide high quality workmanship;
• Possess current Climbing/Rescue training certificate (as an asset);
• Possess current High Voltage Electrical Safety training certificate (as an asset);
• Possess current First Aid/CPR training certification (as an asset); and
• Be dedicated workers and team players, who are self-motivated and punctual.

Required Education:
• Not Applicable


• Cost of transportation to Work place from place of Canadian Residence
• Sleeping accommodations (7 days/wk)
• Weekly food allowance of $357.00 (7 days)
• Transportation provided to and back from job site daily
• All required Personal Protection Equipment)
• BC Hydro site-specific training (Helicopter & PSSP 2&3)
• Cost of bringing expired certificates for CPR/1st Aid, Climbing/Rescue, Product Supplier Approval and Electrical HV Training up to date

Tower Power Group will assist with:

• relocation benefits and financial support for Canadian Permanent Residence application

How to Apply:

Please send your resume to the following email address:

Resumes should be sent as soon as possible and include all references, training certifications and accumulated hours on energized towers.

Only qualified applicants will be contacted and interviewed

Attention: Human Resources / Hiring & Contract Administration

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