Talent Acquisition Specialist/ Recruiter Needed For Growth Compa


Job Description:Are you capable of unearthing the gold employees from a sea of applications? Have you got the people skills to charm those employees into joining us? And, most importantly, have you got an eye for a red flag even when it’s hidden below a front of smiles and accomplishments? If you’re nodding along right now, then step right up, because we’re looking for 30 amazing new teammates… by the end of this year. Applications are in no short supply, but we need your expertise to sift through and find the treasure. What You Will Do Review application materials and follow up with candidates in the pipeline Help AlgaeCal find extraordinary teammates to support our growth Provide a top-notch experience for job seekers who apply to work at AlgaeCal. (We want every candidate, whether theyre hired or not, to have a great interaction with us.) Who You Are You are highly detail-oriented and organized You are disciplined, great at prioritizing the most important tasks, and have drive. (There are lots of opportunities for growth here at AlgaeCal.) You are truly caring you enjoy helping people and impacting lives You are an ideal team player as described in Patrick Lencionis iconic book of the same title Youre people smart youre great at communicating and working with others You have exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal Required Experience2+ years of experience in a high-volume recruitment position, preferably a recruitment agency. (Were looking for someone whos seen thousands of resumes and knows what a great candidate looks like.) Why Leave Your Comfy Job To Join Us? The first thing newcomers notice about AlgaeCal is our hard-working but fun office environment, and positive family spirit. In fact, you may find that AlgaeCal is a place youll want to spend the rest of your career. Naturally with such a work environment, our voluntary attrition is normally zero or close to it. AlgaeCalers are excited to be a part of a different kind of company. Not your typical mega-corp, but a unified, dedicated family that wakes up every morning thrilled to join their closest friends in the office. We have family style organic lunches together on Fridays, monthly team events, and we all go on one or two team trips every year. One of them is a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where we stay in a 5 star hotel right on the main beach, eat in the best restaurants, enjoy outdoor activities and do some brainstorming for the company too. Yes, this is fully paid for, and given in addition to your regular paid holidays. And AlgaeCalers are excited to take the bite out of a major health issue. We have discovered and clinically studied a safe, natural way to impact bone loss. 70 year olds are literally guaranteed to increase their bone density using our products, which helps them return to their active lifestyles! If that excites you, you will fit right in with our caring team. As a key part of our team, you will feel good about your work every day. What Will You Earn? Lets agree on salary and paid vacation once we know what you offer, but our goal is to pay above market rate for your unique skills. How To Apply So, do you have what it takes to become the next member of Team AlgaeCal? Job opportunities like this dont come along often, and weve got a lot to offer our successful applicant. So, to make sure our future Talent Acquisition Specialist will thrive at AlgaeCal, we ask a little more than your run-of-the-mill job application: If this sounds like a position for you, please respond to this ad with your resume and cover letter. Please, read carefully: 1. Write a cover letter addressing: Why are you the best Talent Acquisition Specialist for this role? Give quantifiable examples of related achievements. Describe why you fit perfectly with our values. Read them here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1deCCJZ6tiDiOSlr_W0UdCuM_V_ahzPBs/view What’s the toughest challenge youve ever overcome in your life? How did you overcome it? What are the last three books youve read? What do you do for fun? 2. Explain what youre doing now for a job: If you dont have one, explain why. If you have one, explain why youre looking elsewhere. 3. Upload your cover letter and resume:Ensure that your cover letter and resume are saved and sent as one file. Yes, our hiring process is challenging, but its our way of selecting the best–and your way of ensuring your AlgaeCal teammates are tops. Click the Apply Now button on this page and upload your cover letter and resume. ***Note: Please include your cover letter WITH your resume in one document. Applications without a cover letter will not be read! We are looking to hire as soon as we find the right person, so act quickly and you can also expect a prompt response. Job ID: 21675518

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