System Application Engineer

About Us
VIC Property Management is a private property management company that owns a number of properties locates in 11 cities and towns in British Columbia. We offer a variety services including: land and property purchasing and lending, facilities maintenance, attracting and screening prospective renters, billing and taxing declare, lease administration and conflict resolution. Due to the complexity of remote management, our current management method appears to the incapable and inefficient to keep up with the company’s expansion. Therefore, we are expecting to initiate a digital transformation and rely on the standardized working process management system to improve working efficiency and further enable us to expend its properties and services. During the initial stage, this role is expected to plan roadmap of digitalization, response all IT activities, bridge with internal and external (third-parties), and team’ setup if needed.

About the Role
We are looking for a candidate with trended IT business and collaboration system experience to work as application expert to help us to transform our traditional working style into digitalized world by unitizing all kinds of information system, concept of management, and fashion technology.

Candidate Requirement
– Bachelor degree or Undergraduate equivalent in information technology and management.
– 5-8 years of working experiences in IT technology and implements of business system (service or retail industry as plus).
-Strong hands on experience and skill in designing mobile application
– Able to communicate in both English and Chinese.

Duties and Responsibilities
– Evaluate and plan the operation of information systems, infrastructure and electronic data processing departments and companies.
– Understand the current business model and working process, and provide ongoing maintenance, support and enhancements in existing systems and platforms
– Discuss system requirements, specification, cost and timeline as internal consultant. Propose the best practice or solution based on experience or trend of industry.
– Deploy, test and implement business process management aligned with pre-defined operation and procedures. Develop or facility digital & social network : WeChat based application and mini-programs or Apps on mobile.
– Facility and analyze all the web site and application system in cloud space and ensure data security.
– Assess, test, troubleshoot, document, upgrade and develop maintenance procedures for operating systems and applications software. Provide recommendations for continuous improvement.

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