Store General Manager

Company Name: Lightbox Enterprises Ltd
Operating Name: Dutch Love Cannabis
Store Location: 8425 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z9
Position Title: Store General Manager
Position Start Date: As soon as possible
Number of hours and days per week: 36 Hours per week
Hourly Wage: $32.25 per hour
Company Benefits: Standard Benefits apply

Duties and responsibilities:

-Manage, supervise, plan, direct and oversee all store operations
-Plan, direct, evaluate and coordinate all staff duties and responsibilities, as well as the hiring, development and retention of staff
-Strong working knowledge of cannabis and cannabis products and trends to determine consumer demand, inventory and potential sales
volumes; this knowledge must include:
-A comprehensive understanding of the different cannabis brands that are on the market and available to customers
-A working knowledge of the background and roots behind the cannabis strains, to provide commentary and context for the
customer insofar as how each different strain my impact their user experience
-The different ways to consume and smoke cannabis products, and an ability to explain how these different methods will affect the
-customer’s user experience
-The cost differentials between different brand names / suppliers
-Determining which cannabis products to sell, advertise, market and strategically place in store locations for optimal sales / revenue — and
negotiating the purchase of same with vendors / suppliers
-Responsible for developing, planning and implementing budgets, authorizing expenditures and sales deals, and generally monitoring all
store finances and revenue
-Oversee, manage, train and monitor all store customer service issues

Job requirements:

-Successful completion of secondary school is required
-Criminal record check is required
-Valid Worker Security Verification is required
-At least 2 years of experience in the following:
-Store management
-Delegating and coordinating staff duties and responsibilities / hiring
-Managing inventory, budgets and customer service
-Experience working with cannabis products and developing a knowledge base of the industry / products

Contact Information:

Stuart Ryan
Recruitment & Training
Dutch Love Cannabis

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