Start-up incubator w/technical co-founders and investors

We are currently accepting applications for our global incubator program that was founded in 2010.

We envision a world in which no start-up should be left behind simply because of the lack of access to funding, lack of technical knowledge, mentorship and access to vital connections. We strive our very best to find, help and empower the next generation of value-driven and far-reaching start-ups and provide a one-stop solution to all the tech-based start-ups, irrespective of wherever they are.

Our mission is to find, fund and develop a sustainable tech startup ecosystem in which tech startups can develop their ideas, refine their products and scale their ideas to the next level. We go to extreme lengths to help us find the next generation of ground-breaking, disruptive and high-impact start-ups and then we build their capabilities. We provide startups with technical expertise and technical development on equity basis. The incubator is also ready to invest in the startup from early stage (seed funding) on co-funding basis by matching whatever a co-investor is ready with equivalent amount from our side. In addition, we will help our start-up candidates with all the key resources, connect them with seasoned mentors and consultants, provide business connections and strive our best to help them make substantial improvements in their entrepreneurial journey, so that start-ups can build great businesses, products and services.

1) We work with startups from all industries as long as they have a technical component.
2) We have a preference for innovative startups.
3) We can support startups by becoming their technical cofounder, creating and developing their products, and improving their marketing & sales.
4) We have a preference for startups that have experience with raising money or have already approached investors.
5) We have a preference for companies whose model has been validated locally.
6) We have a preference for companies which have more than one cofounder.
7) We have a preference for companies which have larger founding teams.

Reach out today and discover the power of our global approach to promote and evolve your technical concepts, ideas and opportunities.

1) You can apply FREE of charge.
2) You don’t have to pay anything for acceptance in any of our programs.
3) Our review is also for FREE.
4) We work with startups from all industries as long as they have a technical component.

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