Sales Associate For Canadian Forestry Solutions Inc.

Our business is looking for experienced salespeople who are interested in working their own schedule in communication with us rather it be from home or their own face-to-face interactions with customers as a sales representative for (CFS). At Canadian Forestry Solutions Inc, we manufacture custom furniture, building materials, firewood, mulch, mini timber or log homes, etc. All materials harvested and used for manufacturing are cleaned from our forests in British Columbia as forest fire fuels and repurposed to improve Canada’s economy rather than current wasteful and Environmentally harmful methods used today such as “controlled burning”. If you are interested in joining an expanding company, have an aptitude for sales and customer service, prefer no limitations or restrictions on work hours or your potential to achieve sales or contracts, are a self-starter with a positive attitude and willing to learn, then this position will be great for you.
We will consider anyone with technical sales experience. As a Sales Associate, you will create your own customers and contracts for the business to fulfil. Your passion will be to provide the highest level of customer service possible through excellent customer care and professionalism, while only ensuring CFS can answer their questions or concerns. This will require an ability to understand the customer’s needs by attentive listening and asking strategic questions, identifying new opportunities, and following up by providing information in a timely manner. As a commission based position, your performance and results will ultimately be at your discretion. There are very little limitations to possible clients or sales. We can deliver specific products mainly furniture throughout Canada, or internationally.
You will be a key player in helping to drive and support sales and orders or pre-orders. We will teach you about our services and products to give a good sense of direction and confidence to achieve sales and to ensure a similar goal for our brand. Please contact us for more information.
Duties & Responsibilities:
Typical duties include but are not restricted to:
– Create the “leads” or customer interest through marketing of your choice or through face-to-face, calling for meetings, client database of your own or from the business, such as wholesale firewood contracts, furniture sales, custom woodwork, etc.
-Collect client information for us to contact for deliveries and orders as well as for you to keep track of your clients / sales that you have acquired for commission.
– Establish and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and good relationship with customers.
– Ensure Smooth communication with the customers when resolving customers’ questions and issues in a timely and professional manner.
-Be in charge of your own time invested, keep track of your clients from the client sheets provided, and build bigger and better relationships with customers to last many years.
Preferred but not required;
• Minimum of one (1) year prior inside sales and customer service experience of some kind.
• Ability to think outside the box and garner a variety of customers or contracts.
• A valid driver’s license (Beneficial for face-to-face meetings, etc.) or reliable transportation.
• Your own cellular device to use for work to keep track of your clients.
Why CFS?
CFS is an environmentally friendly forestry business with a love of our country and province. Our mission is to improve Canada’s economy, help fight our ever growing forest fire issue with rising temperatures each year, remove diseased and dead and dry forest fire fuel and be pioneers in Canada for a better solution.
Based near Williams Lake, BC. With storage and delivery routes all the way to Vancouver, BC. And continuing to expand.
Commission Based Position, Sub-Contract Agreement
Contact us to discuss an agreement and get started.
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