Public Works Manager – City of Terrace (Terrace, BC)

Public Works Manager


The Public Works Manager is responsible to the Director of Engineering and Public Works for the effective delivery of all functions of the Public Works Division including managing, directing and administering the operations and maintenance of City transportation, water, sewer, fleet, solid waste and building assets .


  • Director of Engineering and Public Works
  • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) SUBORDINATE POSITIONS:
  • Roads Foreman, Environmental Health Foreman, Mechanical Shop Foreman, Building Maintenance  Foreman, Electrical Foreman, Purchasing Agent


  1. Assist in planning work programs, in conjunction with the Roads Foreman, Environmental Health Foreman, Mechanical Shop Foreman, Building Maintenance Foreman, Electrical Foreman and Purchasing Agent.
  2. To provide input and recommendations on the impacts of private, public or City developments on Public Works operations.
  3. Ensures normal operations, maintenance and projects assigned are carried out in accordance with the City of Terrace standards and established budget.
  4. Recommends to the Director of Engineering and Public Works changes in the work methods and techniques for the Department that would enhance productivity, safety and public acceptance.
  5. Approve utility drawings and applications for works on City rights-of-way in conjunction with the Engineering Manager.
  6. To identify and recommend on the replacement, addition or disposal of City assets with conjunction with the Engineering Services Division.
  7. Assists the Director  of Engineering and Public Works in budget preparation of the annual capital and operating budget for the Public Works Division. Monitors assigned budgets.
  8. Investigates and acts upon requests, complaints or concerns from the public or other departments.
  9. To hire, plan, direct, co-ordinate, administer and supervise the day-to-day activities of staff working directly under his/her jurisdiction, and to take any disciplinary or termination action, as appropriate.
  10. To ensure appropriate training and qualifications are maintained of staff working directly under his/her jurisdiction.
  11. To be responsible for the first and second steps of the grievance procedure for employees under his/her jurisdiction.
  12. To attend the public, contractors, developers, City Staff and Council, as required, for the purposes of answering inquiries  and discussing complaints with respect to matters coming within his/her jurisdiction.
  13. To recommend to the Director of Engineering and Public Works, bylaws, policies and procedures required to regulate the operation of the Public Works Division.
  14. To prepare reports and maintain such records and information as may be necessary to perform this function.
  15. At the discretion of the Director of Engineering and Public Works, may assume the responsibilities of the Director of Engineering and Public Works, in his/her absence.
  16. Responds on an emergency basis as required.
  17. To carry out additional tasks and functions, as assigned by the Director of Engineering and Public Works or the Chief Administrative Officer.


  1. Five years of related experience preferably with at least two of which in a municipal environment.
  2. Civil Technologist Diploma (Related  Trade   Qualification   considered comparable.
  3. Certification in wastewater collection and treatment
  4. Certification in water distribution and treatment
  5. Management and leadership experience with experience in a unionized environment
  6. Good written and verbal communications skills
  7. Good interpersonal skills
  8. Basic computer and accounting skills
  9. Valid BC Driver’s Licence

This is an exempt position with salary commensurate with knowledge and experience, including a comprehensive benefit package. Interested applicants are invited to submit a resume by Friday, February 26, 2021 to:

Terri Williamson, Humans Resources Manager
Phone: 250-638-4723

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