Product Test Engineer


Job Description:Product Test Engineer Quality Control Job Duties: · Complete functional tests and production tests for IEM custom products including but not limited to: low voltage switchboards, medium voltage switchgear, control panels and various power products · Apply electrical safety measures to protect plant personnel · Apply electrical codes and standards as pertaining to IEM products. Examples are Creepage and Clearance of Electrical circuits, Grounding and Bonding, conductor sizing and, overcurrent protection, etc… · Review of electrical components to determine proper certification/listing marks are applied · Interpret electrical schematics for the purpose of building, testing or troubleshooting electrical controls and power circuits · Complete Programming and Testing of automation and networking devices such as Programmable Logic Controllers, Automatic Transfer Controllers, Gateways, Generator Controllers, Circuit Breaker Protection Units and Protective Relays · Troubleshoot to determine production or design errors in electrical circuit logic · Responsible for timely completion of Test Records and storage of these to IEM Server data base (Worknet) Product Engineering Job Duties: · Work with Product Engineering Team to define, document and publish existing IEM product design standards. · Utilize technical writing skills to complete manuals and application guides · Support IEM design and sales teams · Provide input to development teams regarding new product offerings · Complete designs of circuits and structures, working within a multi-discipline team Company Description:INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC MFG. IEM (Industrial Electric Manufacturing, Inc.) is the largest independent full-line manufacturer of custom electrical distribution and power quality equipment in North America. IEM has delivered customer-specific solutions to meet the ever changing power requirements of growth industries in North America for over half a century. This position offers an exciting opportunity within an innovative, employee-oriented company offering a competitive salary with excellent benefits. Job ID: 23059655
IEM Power Systems

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