Permitting and Enforcement Officer – Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, BC)

Permitting and Enforcement Officer

Position Status: Full-Time Regular
Department: Parks & Environment
Employee Group: Teamsters Local 31
Location: 4730 Kingsway, Burnaby
Salary Range/ Wage Rate: PG 25 $2,752.83 –  $3,250.18 bi-weekly

Our Parks & Environment Department is seeking a Permitting and Enforcement Officer who will ensure compliance of assigned air quality permits, liquid waste permits and emission regulations; respond to air quality complaints by conducting odour surveys, inspecting facilities, and collecting evidence; draft memoranda recommending permit amendments, acceptance of plans or reports, and ticket issuance; explain Metro Vancouver’s role and regulatory authority to businesses and members of the public.

You are: A science technologist with an eye for detail, an ability to diffuse interpersonal tension, a keen interest in the environment, and a desire to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

This role:

  •  Reviews building permits, business licenses, and permit applications to locate and check on potential air contaminant emissions and researches available air quality literature; recommends contaminant permit levels and compliance criteria based upon legislative intent and guidelines, industry standards, control technology and the particular circumstances of the permitted industry; drafts new and amended permits for air contaminant control and writes related reports for a superior’s review; obtains permittee’s understanding of restriction rationale and negotiates permit specifications; prepares draft approvals for short term discharges.
  • Inspects direct and indirect industrial liquid waste discharges to sewer systems; prepares reports and drafts permits establishing maximum limits and criteria for a wide variety of effluent parameters; investigates and reports industrial causes for unusual sewage treatment plant upsets or events; inspects, assesses and determines acceptability to sewage treatment plants of liquid waste to be discharged from commercial and industrial septic and holding tanks; establishes and obtains specific industry agreement for the upgrading of effluent treatment systems; determines need for and collects representative waste water samples for analysis by laboratory.
  • Inspects industrial plants and sites, both permitted and unpermitted, for air and waste water discharges; assesses contaminants generated, determines plant emission and discharge points, processes and performance levels, and assesses compliance with permit restrictions or need for a new or amended permit to be issued; records aesthetic and opacity observations, and writes site inspection reports.
  • Monitors assigned territory to identify new potential industrial air and waste water problems and to verify compliance of permitted sources; surveys assigned territory periodically for smoke, odour or particulate emissions and performs and records opacity measurements and aesthetic observations of permitted sources to assess compliance.
  • Evaluates installation applications for control equipment, prepares installation and operating permits and examines final construction for compliance with relevant by-laws and regulations; inspects existing control equipment, sets maximum emission levels, criteria and operating procedures; advises operators of recommended operating procedures and drafts letters of repair, replacement or shutdown.
  • Enforces permit compliance by determining violation occurrence; discusses violations and compliance requirements with perpetrator; drafts letters and notices of violation to secure control of unauthorized sources; and gathers evidence to prosecute under the applicable legislation.
  • Answers air quality complaints from the public, determines nature and extent of problem and amount of follow-up required; inspects and collects information; ensures corrective action is taken where appropriate and communicates problem and its resolution to inquirer’s satisfaction; may draft reply letters for a superior’s review.
  • Discusses, educates, informs and provides technical assistance to obtain cooperation of industries and the public on pollution control and prevention measures to bring a satisfactory conclusion to pollution problems and exceedances.
  • Provides support and assistance to the Sampling Technician during emission compliance tests by assembling equipment, observing plant operation during the tests and ensuring tests are conducted under typical plant operating conditions.
  • Prepares and maintains related files, reports and documentation; prepares site plans and maintains air emission and liquid waste databases using a computer; and utilizes a computer to enter and retrieve complaint data.
  • Performs assigned special projects such as conducting reference library searches or participating as member of special committees; reviews literature in air quality management fields; attends related meetings, seminars and conferences to maintain awareness of current developments.

To be successful, you have:

  • Completion of a diploma from a recognized Institute of Technology with emphasis on Chemistry and pollution control.  Sound related experience OR an equivalent combination of training and experience.
  • Membership or eligibility for membership as an Applied Science Technologist with the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of B.C.
  • Thorough knowledge of legislation and regulations governing the work.
  • Considerable knowledge of the pollution potential of industrial plants, commercial operations and government installations in a large urban area.
  • Considerable knowledge of the chemical and physical reasons for the air contaminant by products of a variety of plant processes.
  • Considerable knowledge of current air contaminant and sewer discharge control and prevention methods and equipment, and of solid waste management methods.
  • Ability to obtain the cooperation of industries and the public through education, discussion, guidance and persuasion and to answer, investigate and resolve air quality complaints from the public.
  • Ability to research available air quality literature, conduct investigations and collect evidence, establish contaminant levels and compliance criteria, and prepare air quality permits, solid waste licenses, and liquid waste permits.
  • Ability to inspect a wide variety of industrial plants and sites, to patrol and survey an assigned area to monitor emissions and to enforce legislative and permit compliance.
  • Ability to provide support and assistance to the stack testing program, to prepare and maintain related records and use a computer for data entry and retrieval, to perform special projects, and to maintain awareness of current developments in pollution control fields.
  • Ability to use a computer to prepare site plans and other documents and to maintain databases related to the work.
  • Ability to conduct inspections and assist the Sampling Technician in a variety of test situations and weather conditions and to drive a vehicle in an assigned area with all kinds of traffic, route and weather variables.
  • Skill in setting up and using air emission control devices, detecting contaminants, and gathering samples.
  • Valid Driver’s License for B.C.

Our Vision: 
Metro Vancouver embraces collaboration and innovation in providing sustainable regional services that contribute to a livable and resilient region and a healthy natural environment for current and future generations.

Please follow this link to our Careers page where you can submit your application by January 26, 2021.


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