Needed Heated Garage to Rent on short term dry my Jeep Interior

My 2014 Wrangler Jeep has gotten leaks in this west coast wet weather. This is due to age and its a vehicle known for getting leaks. I am on a low income due to an injury and cannot afford the professional price so going to do it myself.
However, I need dry it first before I can found out where the leaks are coming in from.
I live in Kits and am looking for a heated spot to rent for 3 days or more. Then to do the work myself.
I need somewhere safe and trustworthy as that is who I am in case you are concerned about that.
I am a female healer/nutritionist and this Jeep is my dream vehicle and want to keep it maintained.
I am willing to pay the going price.
Lots love to All

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