Massage Assistant Needed ASAP

A new assistant is required due to an employee going on maternity leave. This job is part time. On average, you’ll be needed 15-25 hours/week. I am fully compliant with current Covid-19 protocols and you MUST adhere to them to work with me.

I need help doing laundry, doing admin tasks, answering the phone, tidying work area, preparing for massages, and driving to events and/or work sites(if you have a vehicle). This is not a requirement.

This is an excellent part time job for a student or someone who needs a 2nd job. It’s not strenuous & the pay is above average for the industry. $20-30/hr based on experience.

If you’re interested, please respond today. I’d like to hire a new assistant by Sunday. Send your name and number with a resume detailing any relevant experience AND your availability. Do you take transit or drive? When can you start?

Thanks for your interest. I’ll contact you after reviewing your application.

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