Looking for Experienced Courier Service in Vancouver

TOOLBX is building a construction materials marketplace that connects top construction professionals with local retailers and suppliers. Our online platform makes it easy for builders to order and receive the materials they need to finish projects on-time and on-budget. With delivery as fast as two hours, TOOLBX has become a valuable tool for construction professionals that want to build faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Here’s why it matters:
We see an opportunity for small businesses to play alongside the larger organizations. Our platform brings the big and the small of the supply chain for construction together.
Over half of the world’s solid waste comes from building and construction. We see an opportunity to drive planned orders and an on-demand supply chain to support buying only when you need it.
Most construction projects are either over budget or over time because contractors can’t optimize their material spending and are slow to compile invoices.
The most significant purchase for any individual or family will likely be their home.
TOOLBX helps make construction projects more efficient. We’re focused on material procurement, and we’re still in the first inning. You could be one of the early people that shape our strategy

We are looking for a delivery partner in the Vancouver area to help scale our operations. Perfect opportunity for a small to medium sized fleet.

Key requirements:
Must have access to a fleet of 2 or more vehicles, Box Trucks preferred.
Valid G licence and insurance coverage (commercial and liability insurance)
Experience in courier and delivery industry
Own a smartphone with a data plan
Experience in the construction industry or interested in learning more about it
Excellent customer service and communication skills
Canadian work eligibility
Vaid HST number

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