Lab/ Clinical Technician at a Vancouver Startup!

· Collect nasopharyngeal samples from clients using swabs and tests given in kits
· Maintain log of kits available/ administered
· Diligently manage the specimens collected and being tested
· Maintain records of tests performed, and results obtained
· Be able to convey results to clients
· Familiarize self with all aspects of administration, storage, and disposal of tests and test peripherals
· Be able to troubleshoot problems with tests within scope
· Comply with regulatory guidelines on specimen collection and disposal
· Clean and sterilize all physical assets, and maintain hygiene in the test environment
· Familiarize self with all aspects of proprietary software for records, results, and patient data
· Safeguard data and maintain patient confidentiality
· Be able to drive to and from location a cargo van or similar vehicle, setup the physical testing environment outdoors, and be able to manage clients as they line-up and leave the test environment
· High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent
· Certification in Pathology, Medical Technician, or equivalent
· Previous experience in a clinical laboratory or related environment
· Proficiency in sample collection, esp. nasopharyngeal, and medical lab terminology, and best practices
· Knowledge of basic office and lab procedures
· Knowledge of and experience dealing with Health Canada and/ or FDA directives, guidelines, regulations and ability to decipher them as new ones are published
· Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
· Excellent service and people skills
· Ability to work with minimal supervision

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