Head Brewer

Head Brewer / Brew Master

About us:
Wild North Brewing Co is a new craft brewery that is preparing to open our doors in Spring 2021. We are located in beautiful Creston, BC in the heart of the Kootenay region. Our mission is to bring an authentic craft beer culture to our hometown in a way that honors local tastes while offering a platform into a new, adventurous world of craft beer. Wild North will become one of the core pillars of our downtown area and will offer locals a modern tap room with an atmosphere that is authentic, engaging and inviting to all walks of life. We’re a high-spirited group who love our community, friends and family, but we still and will always enjoy the ‘Wild’ life. Using inspiration from our sensational Creston Valley views and numerous orchard fields, the brand new 10HL brewhouse will provide the Brew master with an industrious, efficient and clean space to perfect their craft…beer that is.

The Role:
As the Head Brewer, the successful candidate will oversee all aspects of brewing production and operations including recipe development, quality control, and assurance that all standard operating processes are followed and reviewed regularly. The position will require management of raw materials, building/maintaining production targets, and overseeing kegging and canning processes all while maintaining a safe and efficient brewhouse. While we do expect recipe collaboration with the ownership group, we will 100% encourage the Head Brewer to use their creative & innovative skills to produce absolutely crushable beers!
Being located in a tight-knit community also requires a Brewer that is a natural communicator who is outgoing and eager to interact with our customers. The position will require close engagement with our customers during beer tastings, trade shows and especially those days where the tap room simply requires an extra set of hands.

• High School diploma or equivalent. Post-secondary education considered an asset.
• Formal Brewing Education/Diploma (Strongly preferred).
• Previous experience in brewing operations is strongly desired.
• Valid driver’s license.
• Ability to perform physical activities as required, included, but not limited to lifting, climbing, pushing/pulling weights of 60+ lbs, and standing for prolonged periods of time.
• Openness to a flexible work schedule (overtime, weekends, holidays etc).
• Demonstrates a strong ability to be collaborative and work in a team with both co-workers and Management group.
• Analytical strengths with the ability to problem solve and manage time effectively.
• Self-starter who can work independently.
• Able to follow health and safety rules and regulations.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Adaptable to change with the willingness and ability to learn.
• Multi-tasker who is resourceful and have a mechanical aptitude while having a willingness to understand how things work.
• Organized and detail-oriented and also a meticulous record keeper.
• Capable leader who is willing/able to provide training, guidance and supervision for other staff members who assist with brewing operations.
• Competent computer skills using Microsoft Office.

Job Type:
• Full-time, permanent
• Salary position with potential for bonus program with proven consistent/successful performance.
• Head Brewer will report directly to General Manager

Estimated hiring date: Feb – Mar 2021
All interested candidates are encouraged to submit your resume with cover letter to help show us why you are the right person to join us in the Wild North!

Contact: craft.beer@wildnorthbrewery.ca

Beer Styles/Options:
Ultimately, our Head Brewer will have the freedom to be creative and use their artistic talents to brew beer recipes that he/she can be proud of and can call their own. We just wanted to share some of our thoughts on beer as a way to find someone who can not only develop some of our desired tastes, but also someone who shares similar interests/tastes:
• Lagers/Pilsners: First and foremost, we desire the ability to brew a crisp, clean and refined Lager and Pilsner. We’re looking for a base beer that is so good, we don’t need to cover it up with anything. Think: highly crushable beer that is superior to commercial brewers.

• Hops: The IPA, Hazy IPA and Session IPA are all beers we wish to foray into. While we expect to have a hoppy beer on tap, we do not expect to have a dominant hop board. We are interested in growing our own hops as a future endeavor.

• Sours: We simply have to explore the ever-evolving world of sours. Our Head Brewer should have a knowledgeable background in this space as this refreshing drink is only growing in fame. We’re really looking for a beer that appeals to new demographics and tastes.

• Stouts/Porters: A solid beer to warm the soul on those winter days. A base version for the season, but we can expand on it with a special beer that is aged in barrels and sell in limited custom bottles.

• Fruit: Given Creston’s abundance and notoriety of fruit, we would like to work with fruit in beer…whether it be with a sour, Saison or ale. The locals would absolutely love this.

• Grains: As an agricultural valley of grain farmers, we feel that grain forward beers can certainly be within our domain. Beers that are refreshing but HIGHLY flavorful from the use of malts, spices and herbs.

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