Financial and Investment Analyst

Main duties include but may not be limited to:
 Performing financial due diligence and analysis on the Murray River Coal Project and other prospective projects and recommending an investment decision;
 Recommending actions by analyzing, interpreting and consolidating the financial data and creating financial models for decision support;
 Preparing financial documents for presentation to potential investors on the Murray River Coal Project-bank applications, information memoranda and prospectus;
 Evaluating financial performance by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts;
 Maintaining up to date information on the latest economic trend in the industry, and the latest updates in the financial markets;
 Regularly liaising with senior managers of the parent company and providing financial advices on company’s investment on the Murray River Coal Project.
 Working closely with the accounting team to ensure accurate financial reporting.
 Exercising any other duties that may be assigned by the Chairman.

Employment Requirements:
 Undergraduate degree or on-the-job trainings or courses is required;
 At least three years progressive experience in financial management and investment analysis and/or one year Canadian direct work experience is required;
 Abundant experience and practical skills on financial management and investment analysis related to mining industry and extensive knowledge on coal and its related products are also required;
 Intermediate or above English proficiency;
 Excellent analytical and financial modeling skills;
 Flexible working schedule and ability to frequent international travel and site visits when needed;
 Excellent communication skills, well-organized, detail-oriented, time management, and able to multi-tasks;
 Critical thinking, working independently, self-motivated and team-working, etc.

Employment type
Full-time, at least eight hours a day, five days a week

Employment Salary:
$80,000 per year

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