Film students needs a creators help, looking to pay $

Hello there, like for many of us this last year had been hard, ever since the new year I’ve been dealing with increased depression and a lack of who I am. I had been registered for a few classes this year, and have been in just two this semester, although I’ve been attending our virtual meetings, I have falterd in my ability to create a meaningful project to hand in. I am now at the eleventh hour and in desperate need of a project to hand in.
What I am suggesting is if another film student/ creator help me by letting me use a piece of their work to hand in. I am in no way looking to profit from your work, just use it to help me out of this jam. I would make some minor alterations in editing, like new credits to make appear more personal from me.
As for the project it can be anything, but preferably a piece of animation, actual footage of locations will prove to be a challenge if does not match up with my surrounding geography. The length should be somewhere between 1:30 and 2 minutes. Additionally if also as for a brief description of the process and steps used in Creation.
***If you can refer me to an contact, finders fee will apply***
-finder fee: 10$
Project fee: 30-40$
*Willing to negotiate if reasonable*

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