Entry Level Sales Representatives

What is it you would like to do with your life? Is owning a business part of your goals? How much income do you need to make to consider yourself successful? Do you value the ability to achieve what you set your mind to? When do you have enough time to focus on things unrelated to work? Are you creative, magnetic, easy-going, focused, astute?

No matter the answer from above, this opportunity is a foundation of growth. It allows progress to be made financially and personally, here’s how:

What To Expect:

Uncapped Commissions: There is no limit on what you can make.
Base Salary: On Top of commissions you’ll receive a set base pay.
Weekly Pay: At the end of each week you receive direct deposit.
Full-Time: Monday – Friday, 1 pm – 8 pm – giving you more freedom with your time.
Networking: Every day dozens of people will be met to expand your personal circle of friends, business partners, acquaintances, mentors, and people of influence.
Personal Development: Discover the power of negotiation, persuasion, and communication every day by increasing your skills through daily application.
No Seniority Culture: Everyone has the same opportunity to become a manager, run their own team, and open their own office. Promotions are based on performance not the duration of time with the company. We let your actions speak for themselves.

Role Description:

This is a Direct-To-Consumer position that is partnered with some of the largest companies across Canada and The United States to raise awareness and funds for each specific issue these companies are making a change in. You become part of that change by meeting people, explaining how their pledge makes a difference, get a commitment from them for a monthly subscription, and you make a commission + base salary while improving your sales skills.

Your Future Within The Company:

Begin at an entry-level position, within 6 – 12 months the opportunity to become an assistant manager is real and expected. You will run your own team with the office managers there for guidance. Once you have decided to take the next step, you can open your own office, build a team, promote others, until that placement is performing optimally, then repeat the process at a new office. Your potential is unlimited here and we don’t restrict it.

Personal Qualifications

We train all accepted applicants. The below is preferred:

Ability or aspirations to be a leader, team manager, and achieve one’s goals.
Fluent in English or is your native language
Have a growth mindset – willing to learn, adapt, and make progress daily
Interpersonal skills. Communicate clearly, effectively, efficiently, and positively.
Most importantly, you’re interested in and enjoy meeting new people.

Reply with your resume to northernapexmarketing@gmail.com

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