Electrical Distribution Engineer-in-Training – City of Penticton (Penticton, BC)

Electrical Distribution Engineer-in-Training

Employment Type: Full-time Permanent
Location: Penticton, BC, CA
Apply URL: https://penticton.prevueaps.ca/jobs/12398.html

Job Description:
The City of Penticton’s Electric Utility Department is in search of a highly skilled and energetic individual for the full-time permanent position of Electrical Distribution Engineer-in-Training. The Electric Utility Department is responsible for overseeing the operations, maintenance and ongoing improvement of the City of Penticton’s electrical systems. This department manages all electric servicing from infrastructure and electrical distribution to metering, traffic signals and street lighting. The City of Penticton’s Electric Utility Department takes pride in workmanship and operational stability of its system supporting 19,000 customers all within the city limits.

Reporting to the Electric Utility Manager, the Electrical Distribution Engineer-in-Training will learn the technical details of distribution equipment, systems and operational processes and apply their knowledge to write specifications, approve equipment for use, and write design, safe work procedures and construction standards. The standards and documents created will be the foundation and building blocks for constructing a safe, reliable and sustainable distribution system at the optimum life cycle cost.

Key Responsibilities:
Engineering Standards:
Investigate problems with materials and building standards and take necessary actions to resolve problems by referencing industry standards, performing calculations and communicating with vendors and staff.

Asset Management:
Collects information from GIS, field crews, inspection reports, software and performs analysis and calculations on the data to prepare technical and budgetary reporting. Determine short and long term spend requirements on sustainment and enhancement projects which are submitted to the Capital Budget on an annual basis.

System Planning:
Identification of electrical distribution plant that can be enhanced or is nearing end of life, this includes studying the system load in order to forecast the loading per transformer station, analyzing the system in detail and creating priority lists.

Overhead and Underground Electrical Design:
Design, plan and organize plant additions including overhead and underground distribution and new services and make time sensitive decisions influenced by customer requests/complaints, field obstacles and construction practices during construction while adhering to safety, financial and regulatory restraints. Write technical specifications for use in contract tender documents.

Technical Specifications and Processes:
Create, maintain and update technical specifications, drawings, engineering tools and procedures to ensure efficient workflow and compliance within the CPEU.
Protection and Control: Perform system co-ordination studies, program field devices (i.e. SEL 751 Relays, Cooper VFI switchgear, voltage regulators, etc.) for the safe operation of the distribution system.

Evaluate, purchase and implement new engineering software to adhere to industry design standards.
Subject Matter Expertise: Provide engineering support and subject matter expertise to field crews, engineering technologist, office staff and other employees within the City, which requires manual calculations as well as calculations using engineering software with the responsibility that the calculations are accurate and function as intended in the field.

Project Estimation:
Develop, maintain and update estimation tools using GIS, Agresso and Microsoft Excel for use by the CPEU to ensure accurate estimation of construction projects. Create budgetary estimates for the CPEU for use in capital budget planning for review before submission to Council.

Engineering Efficiencies:
Evaluation, purchase, recommend and implement new engineering software and tools to adhere to industry design standards as well as to obtain efficiencies within the CPEU. Tools and software must meet future industry requirements and CPEU future requirements.
Emergency Management: Assist during Disaster Recovery events and continue to look for improvements, which can be made to the process, whether they may be system or procedural changes.

Required Qualifications:
University Degree in Electrical Engineering from Canada.
Register as an Engineer-in-Training with EGBC within 6-months of hire and achieve their P. Eng. status within 5 years of hire.
Expected to use electrical theory knowledge and apply it to the construction and design of electrical utility distribution systems and related materials and equipment.
Class 5 BC Driver’s license.
Ability to work with relevant design guidelines, bylaws, policies and procedures.
Knowledge of CPEU distribution system, CSA and other Industry Standards.
Proficient in computer systems, software implementation and the ability to create tools in Microsoft Excel, Access and ArcFM GIS database to increase efficiencies and improve data collection within the CPEU.
Ability to prepare and present technical presentations and reports on technical, policy and planning issues.

If you are seeking a challenging opportunity and possess the above mentioned qualifications, we would love to hear from you! We welcome your cover letter and resume by February 21, 2021.

Position type:
Full-time Permanent (35 hours per week)

$38.84 – $43.16 per hour (Pay Grade 16, CUPE)

Attractive benefits, vacation and pension package

Apply at https://penticton.prevueaps.ca/jobs/12398.html

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