Ecommerce partner

We have purchased almost 50,000 in online stores. One was up and running by a professional company but is dormant at the moment. We have 5 allidrop stores, 2 cbd websites all completely ready to go live and a subblement brand we are in the process of completing. We are looking for an eager and motivated indual to now partner with to scale and run these websites. We understand this may take time to get this process in place but we have no time to even think about these sites at the moment. Our plan as is…we have paid and bought them already. We wish to find somome to scale and split all costs to run these stores and split profits 50/50 as well. And on agreement we would sell these stores once revenue allows and also split the store sale price. We are looking for only eager and motivated people that know how manage and keep costs low to maximize profit. We are looking for a professional contract agreement signed by a notary lawyer. Please email with perposal.

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