Cryptocurrency Miner – Little to no time required

Looking for a good home in or around Downtown Vancouver, Kitsilano, Metrotown or Richmond City Centre to host a Helium Hotspot. This network device provides Long Range wireless access (LoRa) to low powered devices that require a low bandwidth connection. This is a rapidly growing area of technology which will be used with Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as bikes, scooters, location trackers for pets, traffic lights and various other types of sensors.

The Helium Network is a project funded by many prominent investors in the tech industry including Google Ventures.

As a reward for helping to build the network and providing coverage, hotspots are able to mine a cryptocurrency called HNT. Currently HNT is trading at over $2 CAD ($1.6 USD) and there is a good chance the value can go up from here. A few hotspots in the city, depending on their location and open view, are currently generating over 100 HNT (value of $200 CAD) a week. HNT is tradable on Binance exchange so it is quite easy to exchange or sell if you wish to sell right away.

Since you won’t have to pay for the hotspot you will only need to provide internet, electricity and a space by your window with ideally a wide open view. The hotspot uses less power than a standard LED light bulb so it is not expensive to operate at all. In exchange for providing the internet, electricity and space you will be given 50% of the hotspot’s HNT rewards each week.

The initial setup is straightforward and can be done on your own within half an hour. Once the setup is complete there isn’t any continuous work required, the hotspot will simply continue to operate on its own.

This is a great way to start earning some additional income with no financial investment on your part. If you are interested or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to chat in more detail about the project and how you could start earning. If you do reach out please do give me an idea of roughly where you are located and the floor you are on if you live in a building.

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