creative audio video individuals to work on various projects

We are looking to interact with unique new media platforms
for local creators working on social narratives or to help find
community voices (to help connect artist with their inner Muse)
and embracing individuals creatively (albeit 6ft distance and masked).

My latest connection is with a bedroom producer who grew up in the
Downtown Eastside- has risen from the shadows, and has a gospel/
hip hop portamento – with a deep spiritually embodied voice, and a
phoenix like spirit of one who is truly on the road to artistic epiphany.

He’s just starting to bloom now, after performing a few local events,
singing in front of elderly homes, rocking recovery festivals, etc
and I daresay aligning him with some local audio/visual gurus
would make for some truly symbiotic colour downstream.

Here is one of his raps on a hike a few weeks ago,

If there are any students, teacher’s assistants, professors, studio workers
looking to enhance their portfolio with spotlight on a fascinating local specimen…
or looking to connect with a fellow creator = I cannot recommend a gentler,
more envisioned and truly theatrical co-enabler than Hard Body/ Charlie Dreams.

Please contact if there’s any way to connect him with audio/ visual manifestations.

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