Clinical Research Coordinator (Gap Student)

Gap Student Position

Official Title: Clinical Research Coordinator

Employed full-time, one year, contract worker for the Endocrine Research Society

Location: Vancouver

Position Summary

Established 25 years ago by Dr. Hugh Tildesley, the Gap Student position provides university graduates with the opportunity for valuable clinical experience in research and patient care. The position offers itself as a unique and beneficial way to spend an interim year for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

As the clinical research coordinator at the Endocrine Research Society, the Gap Student is responsible for developing, conducting, and analyzing clinical research projects, with the goal of producing academic publications. Other key responsibilities include providing technical support and patient instruction to facilitate online glucose reporting, and organizing two UBC medical conferences. The Gap Student is a highly flexible position with a variety of additional roles according to the needs of the Society and the active endocrine clinic.

Organizational Status

The Gap Student reports directly to Dr. Monika Pawlowska and Dr. Adam White. The majority of work will be completed independently, although the Gap Student is encouraged to consult with the medical office administrator and the diabetes nurse for assistance or questions.


Gap Students should be comfortable in communicating with and instructing a diverse patient population. Students in this position should possess scientific literacy, an understanding of academic writing, and strong organization skills. Self-motivation and an attention to detail are important. Technological skills an asset.

Key Characteristics

Strong Communication





Please submit a resume and cover letter as a single PDF document to No additional information (e.g. reference letters) will be reviewed.

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