Average $200 a day in Vancouver doing deliveries

Van city van city, times are tough in this pandemic. However, I have found a gig that is safe and makes me an average of $200 a day making deliveries with very little driving compared to other delivery services such as food deliveries that wear and tear your car quite significantly. You work when you want, part-time, full-time, you simply log in and log out when you want, you pick, deliver in your regular vehicle and get paid weekly. I will set you up and most importantly, I will help you fast forward through the learning curve in a few days so you’re successful. Don’t worry there’s no charge. Many people ask me what I do when they see me scanning things with my phone in the aisles and I figured I might as well help out fellow Canadians during this difficult time, in a safe way, which these days is remotely. If you are interested reply to this Ad and I will set you up in a jiffy.

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