Artificial and Machine Learning Specialist

Artificial and Machine Learning Specialist

Employer: CycurID Technologies Ltd.

Employer address: 600-890 W Pender Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 1J9

Position name: Artificial and ML Specialist

Location of work: 600-890 W Pender Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 1J9

Nature of position: Permanent, full-time (40 hours per week)

Wage: $45,000 per annum

Vacation: 10 days upon 1 year of employment

Language required: English, spoken and written

Other benefits: Medical, dental

How to apply: Please send your cover letter and resume attention Gord Jessop by email to

JOB DUTIES. The following duties will be performed in this position:

• Designing, building and Implementing Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms to detect liveness on mobile device and web-based applications.
• Writing training modules to help improve and increase our dataset.
• Optimize codebase to reduce its footprint and consumption on mobile devices.
• Implement security measure to detect and prevent brute force and biometric bypassing.
• Creating algorithms for image & object recognition, clustering and extraction
• Concept to release lifecycle of machine learning applications

REQUIREMENTS. The successful applicant will possess, at a minimum, the following skills and experience:

• A minimum of a Bachelor or a master’s degree in robotics and computer vision with research experience in the field of AI and facial recognition.
• Machine Learning Application & Algorithm Development
• Deep Learning Modeling
• Computer Vision/Image Recognition/Image Processing
• Convolutional Neural Networks
• Python/Go/C++/Java
• TensorFlow/Dlib/Theano/Scikit-learn or other machine learning SW packages

We would like to thank you for your interest in this position. However, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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