Home Share/Life Share Provider

By | April 15, 2019

Life Sharing/Home Sharing Contractor Opportunities Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion is a grassroots non-profit agency that has been supporting people with developmental disabilities and their families for over 60 years. We facilitate life sharing arrangements and are looking for caregivers/contractors. Life Sharing means living with and sharing all of life’s experiences together and forming a supportive and caring relationship.

A Life Sharing Provider’s role is:

· share their life and their home with persons with disabilities whether the person moves into your home or you move into their home.

· be willing to learn and follow personalized communication support and behavioral support, to teach daily living skills, to role model a healthy lifestyle, to be respectful, sensitive and provide structure and stability.

· have experience and/or training supporting persons with developmental disabilities, FASD, autism, mental health issues, depression, behavioral challenges and/or medical support needs.

Interested applicants please apply by sending a cover letter and resume.

First-Aid, Criminal Record Check and References will be required in the initial screening process should you be determined to be a life share match.

Locations: Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver