Early Childhood Educator: Head Teacher (Supervisor)

By | May 15, 2019

Early Childhood Educator: Head Teacher (Supervisor)

Preschool 3 & 4 Year Old > Bilingual English – French Program

Job Summary:

Plans, organizes, activities for children in the 3 & 4 year old Preschool Program. The Head Teacher provides supervision, direction and guidance to staff and volunteers in the daily delivery of our English – French Program. Undertakes and facilitates support and direct care to children, encouraging their intellectual, physical, creative, social and emotional growth in a safe and positive environment.

Reports to: Society Administrator and the Society Board of Directors.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Staff Leadership that is collaborative and inclusive. Able to be an effective teacher while engaging and supervising fellow teachers/ volunteers.

2. Plans, carries out, and evaluates developmentally appropriate activities and experiences for the children. Develops daily schedules, which include indoor/outdoor, active/quiet and individual and group activities. Supervises the children and staff.

3. Works with staff in the preparation of daily programs. Leads staff and children in program curriculum. Supervises continually during school hours.

4. Ensures that all activities are developmentally appropriate. Guides and assists children in the development of appropriate life skills, self-help skills, and interactive behaviour.

5. Facilitates a supportive emotional climate in the school for the children, staff members and parents.

6. Works with staff to conduct assessments of children and develop individualized and group curriculum.

7. Provides short and long term planning and evaluation of the programs offered. Works with staff to develop recommendations for changes to the program.

8. Maintains and attends the children’s physical needs, which may include, toileting, eating, and assistance with clothing.

9. Ensures a healthy and safe environment. Maintains health records and administers first aid and medication as required. Maintains and removes potential hazards either in the room, outside or throughout the premises. Reports all incidents of child abuse to the Licensing, the Society Administrator/ Board President and follows organizations procedures and government legislation.

10. Maintains open and positive communication with parents and staff. Confers with parents and staff with regards to unusual or problematic issues.

11. Follows licensing requirements. Maintains confidentiality of all information related to the Society’s clients and staff.

12. Provides direction to teaching staff, practicum students, casuals, volunteers and observers.

13. Maintains equipment, either undertakes and/or assigns daily playground equipment inspection, and housekeeping tasks.

14. Maintains up to date internal records. Involved in registration process. Responsible for filling out forms as they relate to the program for example: payroll sheets, incident reports, daily routine sheets, etc.

15. Attends monthly Boards Meetings outside of school hours.

16. Performs other related duties, as required.

17. Works with staff to maintain good role-modeling for children.


a. Previous Supervisory Experience

b. Early Childhood Diploma

c. Current Early Childhood Educator License Required

d. Able to Teach in both English and French

e. Successfully complete Criminal Records Check

f. Health Statement and Immunization Record in Good Standing

g. Current First Aid Certificate

h. Able to complete Hiring Documents

Job Skills and Abilities:

· Excellent interpersonal skills, especially in dealing with children.

· Good communication skills – proficient in English, both written and spoken

· Proficient teaching skills in French & English

· Good organization, time and general management skills

· Strong Leadership Skills, able to effectively supervise and manage small groups

· Knowledge of group process and facilitation techniques, effective conflict resolution skills

· Knowledge of childcare development, guidance and discipline, routines and transitions.

· Familiar with the Society’s Policy and Procedures

· Familiar with Licensing Regulations.