Are you a master of words with a competitive streak? (Vancouver)

By | July 11, 2019

Are you a master of words with a competitive streak? Does your dashboard act more like a scoreboard that validates your work?

We’re looking for a talent writer who can join our team to create content with a specific industry focus. To cover all the bases, we might need a few people, so please let us know in your cover letter what topics or industries you like to write about.

Currently, we have niche offerings that require content in marketing services, golf, fitness, hospitality & resorts, food and health/beauty.

Understanding how a particular niche functions is also important as the Content Specialist is a role that also requires hustle on the PR front to build authority using Brian Dean’s skyscraper approach.

Our philosophy is to add value at the top of the funnel and this means the variety of content could be long form articles, guides, product reviews, or roundups that are focused on a specific call-to-action and convert. Each of the pieces you write will be repurposed based on their performance into podcast episodes, videos, infographics and into magazine articles.